what do we do...?

“ We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” -Winston Churchill


To uplift the under privileged society, in order to equate mankind on earth. Develop self respect and confidence in individuals by empowering at grass root levels. Make every individual a complete person with the capabilities to win life and live life.

our Mission

Is to create awareness & interest about the need of education among the kids living in slums , motivating them to learn, and providing them there right to education so as to make them insightful and independent.


We are a set of like minded people who came across each other on various turns of life, but combined to move in one direction. Our topics of discussion even when we were in our late teens consist of under privileged children and inequality in mankind.

they need you

It brought tears when we saw some old person trying to cross the road with the help of his stick in the fear of life and death. It brought tears in our eyes when we saw young woman striving hard to quite his crying child out of hunger.

Contribute ₹400/month and adopt a child’s education.

Who we are ?

Paritrapti is a non profit social welfare organization committed to provide education to the underprivileged.
"Paritrapti" means beyond satisfaction, complete -ness from within.

We live in a society full of resources and potential but non of it is used rightly and fully, thus at Paritrapti, we started to interconnect Youth, who need to learn social responsibility and leadership and on the other hand the children who are deprived of main stream education and also the Government buildings which are of no use in the evening. Working on these three aspects made this project a success.Paritrapti aims to work towards enhancing the most critical development Indices like education, innovative health care, livelihood and women empowerment. We work with communities to plan and implement our programs. Many volunteers mainly women, belonging to the same communities work with us to implement the interventions at the grassroots. These volunteers are mobilized, trained and monitored by the Paritrapti team and are also provided with Learning Material and books developed by Paritrapti.

  • Bhuri Tekri Pase 1

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  • Bhuri Tekri Phase 2

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  • Sambha Jee School

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  • Next Center

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Team Behind

Paritrapti began to work towards its goals under the guidance of Swami Dhyan Alok.
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Sanjeev Singh Kushwah

An Electrical engineer and a businessman who has conceived this idea to return the favour to society in terms of Education.
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Rajendra Chouhan

Vice president
An Entrepreneur and a Social activist .
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Mukesha Soni

Businessman and Social enthusiast by his Heart.
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Vipin Chaturvedi

Joint Secretary
Legal Advisor and law professor in government law college.
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Tushar Gawde

Director at “Genius Temple”, corporate trainer.

Our Partners

Be a Support.By providing stationary,books ,clothes, toys &love.

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